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Single Walled Sherbert Orange - Limited Edition

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single-walled-hot-cup-black-color single-walled-hot-cup-white-color single-walled-hot-cup-flagship-color single-walled-hot-cup-navy-color single-walled-hot-cup-kraft-color
limited edition
sage-limited-edition-color single-walled-light-blue-limited-edition-color compostable-canvas-lois-ohara-limited-edition-color single-walled-hot-cup-red-color single-walled-hot-cup-sherbert-orange-color single-walled-hot-cup-hello-yellow-color single-walled-hot-cup-kakariki-green-color single-walled-blue-color single-walled-light-pink-color
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All Decent Packaging products are commercially compostable.

Find out more information about the materials we use at Our Materials page.

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Sweet like sherbert, orange you glad!

This is no ordinary cup. It's lined with plants, the paper is from managed plantations and it's dressed up in water-based ink. Our coloured cups are limited edition and come in an array of options.


We use low-carbon PLA biopolymers made from renewable resources. PLA can break down fully, back into organic molecules.
Paper is fantastic, but not all trees are grown equal! The Forest Stewardship Council ensures forests are responsibly grown, leaving positive environmental and social impacts. Decent only uses FSC or recycled paper, this paper can then be recycled again and again or composted too.

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the ultimate recycling

We can build anything

The products of compost: Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen make up 99% of all organic molecules - the building blocks of all life. Will your salad container be repurposed into cos lettuce? Forget the rigidity of classic recycling, composting is part of the infinite, circular, cycle of natural life.

Decomposes within 12 weeks

All of our products are commercially compostable. This is because in commercial facilities we can guarantee at least 60 degree heat and therefore swift decomposition within 12 weeks.

Plastic recycling is broken

The most viable solution for single-use disposable packaging is a full cycle, organic recycling solution. Plant-based packaging waste can integrate into the organic waste system and be utilised as compost for the next generation of plants.


pieces of plastic taken out of circulation

Collectively our customers have reduced the amount of plastic in circulation through using plant-based alternatives.

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