Get to Know Over Under Coffee

Get to Know Over Under Coffee

Ed Barry, Founder & CEO of Over Under Coffee, came up with the idea in 2017 after a stint in NYC where he became passionate about coffee and the hospitality industry. Now with 7 locations across London, he’s not only obsessed with specialty coffee and great service but is also dedicated to building and maintaining a positive workplace culture across his business. Recently celebrating their 5th anniversary, we caught up with Ed and asked what he has learnt over the years while growing Over Under Coffee.


What inspired you to start Over Under Coffee?

I fell in love with the coffee and hospitality scene after working in the hustle and bustle of New York! I loved the high-energy and fast-paced environment of cafes in that city, and I thought I could do an amazing job and create a version of this back home in London.

Over the past 5 years, what are the most important lessons you have learnt?

1. Surround yourself with great people
2. Be proud of the product that you’re building
3. Have lots of fun!

We love that you use decent packaging products, what made you decide to use sustainable packaging?

I love the team at decent packaging, they’re also a kiwi brand which is amazing. Fun fact: We’re called Over Under because my dad is British and mum is a Kiwi!

Everything the team is doing at decent packaging really aligns with our values, and they’re super proud of the products that they’re using. They’re passionate about saving the environment and creating a sustainable solution, and this is why we work with them. You can read more about the positive impact we have made as a business by using their products on our website here.

What’s your vision for the next 5 years?

- I want to build a company that I can be proud of 
- Have a positive impact on even more people’s days
- Become a worldwide renowned hospitality brand

Across your digital channels, we can see that Over Under values and supports its people. Can you tell us more about this community vibe you have created and why this is important to your business?

Our customers are our people, our suppliers are our people, and our team are our people, so we’re focused on building an environment where everyone can succeed and building a great culture is key. It also makes our working environment fun and an even more successful business.

Dream dinner guests?

Johnny Cash and Buzz Lightyear.

What’s your favourite memory from any of your Over Under sites?

The most memorable moment is when our Ladbroke Grove store got flooded in the basement in the summer of 2021. But my favourite moment was the re-opening of our Earls Court store after COVID and seeing lines out the door! 

Go-to coffee order from Over Under?

Long Black and the Almond Piccolo  

Over Under Coffee locations:

Clapham Common
Earl’s Court
Gloucester Road
Ladbroke Grove
South Kensington
West Brompton
Wandsworth Town

View Over Under website here. Check out their Instagram here.

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