Compostable Canvas Artist Collaboration with Lois O'Hara

Compostable Canvas Artist Collaboration with Lois O'Hara

                                                       Meet the talented Brighton-based artist, Lois O’Hara. 

Well-known for her bold and bright colours that have been splashed across various spaces and objects - from street art, and buses, to basketball courts and reusable water bottles (to name a few!). We’re delighted that Brighton-based artist Lois can now add compostable coffee cups to her list.

Her creative work is inspired by exploring movement, using curved lines and shapes which are often hand-painted, to create this ‘movement’ with the hope to encourage people to think and act differently. 

We popped down to Brighton to have an iced coffee with Lois O'Hara to chat about all things design and sustainability at some of her favourite local coffee spots.

We love the cups you have designed for our latest Compostable Canvas cup range! Can you tell us what inspires your unique colour palette and style?

I’m inspired by music, sunsets and human behaviour. I live by the sea in Brighton & Hove, so the ocean plays a huge part in my work. It has taken me years to develop my style - it’s humorous to spot old pieces of my work around the town and notice how much I have developed as an artist since then. It’s important for me to remain consistent with my style but also switch it up as I grow. I’m a big believer in how powerful the mind is too, so I like to try and create work which is inspirational and motivational and often include quotes within my design that challenge your thinking.

What’s the most memorable piece of work that you have done, and why?

The most memorable piece of artwork I have done is probably the basketball court I painted in Australia - it hurt my arms! It was the longest I have ever had to travel for a project, and I also painted the entire basketball court by hand in boiling hot temperatures. I like to think I have come a long way since then! I’ve also covered a local bus here in Brighton with my designs for a mental health charity encouraging the community to have more conversations when commuting. That bus is memorable as it still is being used in town, and is very bright!

If you had to pick a dream day out in Brighton, what would that involve?

The sun would be out, and I would pack a picnic or a BBQ and head to the beach. I’d relax and swim in the sea and stay until the evening to watch the sunset

Do you listen to any music/podcasts when creating your art?

Yes! I love RnB because the lyrics are motivational for me - whether it’s songs about love, or songs about other rappers' success. I also listen to a lot of jazz when I’m working. Music is the most important thing to me when I’m creating and really gets my creative juices flowing.

What does sustainability mean to you as an artist?

Sustainability is important for me to consider as an artist. I like to try and work on projects, and with brands that play an active role in helping to protect our environment. I’m aware that people are influenced by what I promote on my channels or through my design, so by working with a brand such as yourselves, it encourages people to take positive actions with their decisions and buying habits. I’m also pleased to notice the development of more sustainable materials within our industry like sustainable paints and acrylic sticker alternatives. We need more of this and for it to be affordable too!

Favourite coffee spots in Brighton?

My favourite local cafes in Brighton & Hove are Fika, Flour Pot Bakery, Flint Owl and No 13!

What’s next on the agenda? Where can we find your next installation/exhibition/piece of work?

I have another basketball court launching in Leeds this summer, a skatepark in Bristol, some beer cans that I have just launched this week and currently working on some huge installations for Design London in September. Lots more too! It’s all very exciting.


Follow Lois on Instagram to see her upcoming work, and read more about her on her website here.



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