a decent conversation with Yas Bean.

a decent conversation with Yas Bean.

Couple-owned cafe Yas Bean are taking Macclesfield by a (deliciously pink) storm. With their insane selection of brownies and
fun custom branded Hot Cups, they're a spot not to be missed. Mika shared why remembering a customer's hot drink is so
important, and some of the best things about being the 'Number One Coffee Shop in the World' 😜

Can you please tell us a bit about Yas Bean and what inspired you to start?

Yas Bean is run by a husband duo - myself (Mika), and my husband Dan. We've always wanted to create our own business and lockdown proved the motivation for changing our lives.

We proudly support local and/or independent sourcing our coffee from local roastery Kickback, oat milk from Unordinary in Hampshire, and cups from a very friendly company - decent packaging.

Most people refer to us as "Number One Coffee Shop In the World" which is very nice (and also true). 

We're honoured to have been with you since day one. We love that you use our decent packaging, what's your favourite thing about working with decent packaging?

I've just always enjoyed the personal touch that decent packaging offer. It's also very easy to order and the products themselves are excellent. 

We LOVE your new custom branded Hot Cups - what made you decide to create them, and what have your customers had to say about them? 

People are LOVING our new cups, I've always believed that our cups are the first line of our marketing. If you've got something people want to photograph and share, you're already winning. Our hot pink cups with our graphic logo really stand out, and I'm glad to say they've gained a lot of attention online. 

What do you think is key for creating a loyal customer base, and a great neighbourhood local cafe? 

I've worked in retail and hospitality most of my life and have learned that a good product is only half of the experience. People need a connection and come to see us for a personal interaction. We try to learn something about all our customers, and small things like remembering their drink make a big difference. It's also important to hire people who enjoy hospitality and create a good culture within your team. 

Your selection of treats look *incredible*. Hard to choose but… favourite item on your menu? 

I could eat Salted Caramel Brownies all day, but we've currently got Mince Pie brownies which are laced with festive spices and chunks of mince pie. Anyone reading this - both are available via our website for nationwide delivery! 

What's one secret (or less-known) thing to do in Macclesfield that you love? 

After a gruelling 2 hour shift I love nothing more than walking a few feet down the road to Tommys Bar and Pizza. He opened on our street this year and offers the most excellent pizza. Buxton Road where we are situated, is also home to Early Bird Bakes, an artisan bakery spearheaded by our friend Lynn. There you'll find easily the best baguettes you'll ever find alongside a range of pastries. So basically our road. 

Do you have anything in the pipeline for Yas Bean? 

We've just expanded into a new bakery in order to increase production and I am always seeking ways to become more iconic, but I'm not going to share any secrets teehee.

Anything else you would like to share?

Yas Bean is Number 1 Coffee Shop In the World. 

(We love to hear it!)

Find Yas Bean on Instagram here.

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