a decent conversation with Fink's.

a decent conversation with Fink's.

With four sites around London, there’s no doubt that Fink’s have got their recipe right. From sarnies to doughnuts and
a restaurant in between, owners Mat and Jess really have their hands full. We spoke with Mat about how they
maintain the essence of Fink’s across all their sites, and more…


First up, how did Fink’s come about?

Fink’s was once a kinda derelict shop that Jess and I were using as a studio. Jess wanted to turn it into a cafe… and at that time I was looking to move from my job in TV and fancied running my own place. So, we met to discuss going into business together over dinner, and decided then and there to give it a go.

You now have four(!) fabulous spots. How have you been consistent in bringing the essence of Fink’s to each of these locations, or what have you done to make them feel different? 

Jess has a background in Art and Design, so we’re very lucky to have that creative skill to hand for the aesthetic! We tend to carry over a couple of things as a base, but then go where the space takes us.  Regarding the offering, we have some core things we like to offer at all sites, but certainly don’t feel that it’s essential to offer the same slavishly across the different sites, we’re not Pret (which is great by the way!). In the park people want different things than in Gillespie Road.. and obviously the spaces are different, which does affect what we can offer in each. 

If you could describe Fink’s in three words, it would be… 

Camp, creative, chilled.

We love that you use a range of our packaging, including custom branded Hot Cups. What’s your favourite thing about working with decent packaging and why did you choose us?

We moved to decent after a very short time of being open because using non-degradable cups made us feel too ick.. and that’s generally our guiding light when it comes to sustainability. Do we, as regular human people, feel ick about using it? Is there a better option? If so, it has to go… I love that decent are evolving their offering, so it’s becoming easier and easier for our customers to compost their disposables at home, and I’m thrilled that our rubbish collectors allow us to put any waste in with the food for composting too. 

On a day off, how do you like to spend your time? 

Watching back to back murder docs on Netflix, the same as other normal people…

What’s next on the horizon for Fink’s?

We have a couple of things in the works which we are excited about! Making more delicious food in-house in a new kitchen space we’re taking over. We’re super aware we don’t want to become a chain, so finding the balance between new spaces and keeping the place feeling cute and independent. Our new restaurant Saltine has just opened in Highbury, and we’ve thought of an awesome name for a cocktail bar.. so we’re going to have to open one of those now.

Find Fink’s on Instagram here.
And restaurant Saltine here.

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