Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas artist, Tess Smith-Roberts.

Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas artist, Tess Smith-Roberts.

Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas Hot Cup for winter! These limited edition cups are designed by the
wonderfully creative London-based illustrator, Tess Smith-Roberts. We spoke with her about the inspiration
behind these fun designs and how creativity has a positive impact on people AND the planet.


Hey Tess, we love the designs you have created for our recent Compostable Canvas Hot Cup for this winter! What’s inspired your particular style as an illustrator?

Hi! Thanks so much, I loved drawing them! I think food really inspires my style, especially fruit as I like the fun shapes and bright colours. But also things I eat - like what I had for breakfast, or what I ate for lunch at a nice cafe etc. I’ve always been into primary coloured things, bright colours… when I was at university I kinda dressed like a kids TV presenter. But I think this love of colour really fed into my style - anything not colourful in my work feels wrong!

What gets you into your creative flow?

I find that watching reality TV in the background really helps me work for some reason! I especially love Below Deck or Married at First Sight. Just anything trashy, with lots of drama. Or a true crime podcast like Serial… I think I just like background noise to help me get going. Kind of like a distraction for one part of my brain so the creative part can work!

Can you tell us the story behind this design?

The dog one just came from my love of dogs and drawing them, then the same for the cafe scene… I think I just draw things I like haha. I also love drawing scenes of made up cafes/restaurants, with all the little details like what cups do they have… what forks… what colour are the windows etc.

How do you think creativity can make a positive impact on the planet?

Creativity can raise awareness about issues with the planet, like climate change, how we should recycle, etc. It can help give ideas for solutions in a more accessible way than just text on a website. Creativity, like illustration, makes it more reachable for the average person, and for kids. More engaging. More likely that they will take the information on board and hopefully make a change or help the planet in any way that they can. Which I think is pretty positive!

When you’re not creating, how do you like to spend your time? 

I like cooking or going to the pub with my friends. 

Since you’ve created these designs for our Hot Cups… what’s your hot drink of choice? 

A vanilla oat latte!

How can people purchase your work or get in touch about any collabs?

I have an online shop at, or they can email me at

Follow Tess on Instagram: @tesssmithroberts

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