It’s a confusing time in the world of compostables. There are varying rules about ‘what can go where’, and what packaging can be accepted at varying composting plants across the UK. Like all other waste streams in the UK, compostable packaging can be problematic when disposed of in the incorrect way. It doesn’t belong in your general waste, and it shouldn’t go in your recycling bin.

The best option is a commercial composting facility. ‘But where should I put your compostable packaging if there isn’t a collection bin or a commercial compost facility nearby?’ We hear you – So we’ve taken the complication out of where your compostable packaging goes. We created ‘The Full Package’, which encourages the collection and disposal of compostable packaging correctly.

So, what is ‘The Full Package’? The Full Package is a collection bin. Since its launch in 2019 throughout East London - we’ve supplied The Full Package collection bins to over 50 customers, and now have bins available across greater London. Our customers and partners put the bins out front or in view of customers – Encouraging a discussion around compostable packaging and providing consumers with an option to return packaging to participating locations. This is great for sites which have a compost collection company available to them.

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Plastic Recycling is broken

For a long time, our economy has been ‘linear’. This means that raw materials are used to make a product, and after its use any waste (e.g. packaging) is disposed of in landfill or incinerated. Since 1964 plastic production has increased twenty-fold, yet just 5% of plastics are recycled effectively. The plastics that are recycled can only be recycled once or twice before ending up in a landfill which can take centuries to breakdown, or ending up in incineration which emits 33 percent more fossil CO2 than gas fired power stations.

The take, make, dispose, method of manufacturing means that the raw materials and any waste associated with the production process are disposed of instead. While a linear economy produces a huge amount of unwanted, and sometimes dangerous landfill waste, it also puts a lot of pressure on the world’s plummeting resources as new raw materials need to be found and utilised.

The products of compost: Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen make up 99% of all organic molecules - the building blocks of all life. Will your salad container be repurposed into cos lettuce? Forget the rigidity of classic recycling, composting is part of the infinite, circular, cycle of natural life. 

Breaking it down with First Mile

We see this waste crisis as a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted solution, compostable packaging is just one part of that solution, and if we all collaborate, we can succeed. Luckily, we’ve already got some local legends paving the way in commercial composting.

We caught up with First Mile founder Bruce Bratley who has been Breaking It Down since 2004 with the mission to revolutionise business sustainability, starting with waste and recycling.

Get to know... Rosslyn

We're proud to collaborate with Rosslyn in producing their coffee cups, providing plant-based packaging alternatives where needed, and working together to promote a circular economy with our Full Package composting service. So, we caught up with London residents, James and Mat from Rosslyn Coffee for a quick Q&A chat.

We strive to ensure that our business is as sustainable as possible. While our small size might mean that we are limited in terms of the overall effect we can have…..we can at least ensure that we are not part of the problem. Last year we saved over 13,000 plastic bottles and 4,500 coffee bags from landfill with our systems. We are very proud of our partnership with Decent which ensures that the single use cups which are necessary for our business to operate, are fully compostable. We have specific bins in our shop so that our guests can dispose of these cups and be assured that they will be broken down." 





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