Paper & Cardboard Range

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Our Paper and Cardboard range uses sustainably sourced paper that we've transformed into a wide array of great packaging products. And what's best, it can be composted or recycled again, and again (and again).

From Lunch Boxes and Burger Clams, to Cutlery, Straws, and Hot Cup Lids - our Paper & Cardboard Range is ready for anything. And if you're interested in custom branding, it can do that too! Click here to find out more.

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    Paper is fantastic, but not all trees are grown equal! decent only uses responsibly sourced or recycled paper, this paper can then be recycled again and again or composted too.

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    Commercially Compostable

    This product has achieved this international standard which uses tests to determine if bioplastics products will compost satisfactorily in commercial facilities. (ASTM D6400, ASTM D6868)

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    Once finished with, our paper products will be very happy in your recycling bin.

So, what do I do with my decent paper products when I'm finished with them?

Pop them in your recycling bin, home compost, or send them to the commercial compost!

Can only decent paper products go in the recycling bin?

No! Our Aqueous Range and Fibre Range are also recyclable.

So, I can also compost these products?

Yep, exactly. If popping in your home compost, we recommend cutting into smaller pieces first, to help speed up the breakdown process.

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