Get to know... Reverb

Get to know... Reverb

We caught up with Gary Handley from Reverb – the man we call on to capture stunning shots of our products in action. Not only is he an incredible photographer, but he’s a legend in the London hospitality scene and an all round great guy. More so than ever does community and collaboration play a part in the hospitality industry, and what better way to encourage locals to support locals, than for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

So, let’s get to know Gary...


Are you able to give us an overview of Reverb and what you do.

Reverb was born from the love of photography and the freedom of chasing light. With that passion and motivation that led to me going freelance 6 years ago.

I mainly work as a lifestyle photographer covering fashion, brands, hospitality based in Hackney Wick, London. 

Describe your photography, your approach, and your interests.

I’ve always been fascinated by light, from sunrises at old raves in the 90s to sunsets over the ocean. For me personally I love to tell a story, a narrative designed around light, moments full of colour. This is something I try to express in my photography.

I'm a huge fan of adventure and travel, finding new horizons! I love my electronic music and festivals, also a keen snowboarder!

When did you know photography was what you wanted to do?

Since school I was always fascinated by photography, I used to look at photos of Yosemite National Park by Ansel Adams and was fascinated by the prospect of adventure and photography going hand in hand. I guess I knew back then it's what I wanted to do!

You're quite involved in the hospitality industry, how did you first get amongst it?

I went to a London Coffee Festival mini-event one Xmas in Shoreditch, around 8-9 years ago. They were doing a collab event with Spin London, bikes and speciality coffee all under one roof was pretty cool. I shot a few B&W photos of the event and sent them on to Allegra to see if they wanted to use them. They have been a client of mine ever since and opened the doors to many coffee/hospitality clients, including yourselves!

What are some of your go to coffee spots around London?

You're putting me on the spot here! I have so many!! All depends where I am in the city! East it has to be Origin in Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, the coffee is great and it's always a laugh and a very happy service.

Ozone is an amazing space for coffee and food! If i'm ever West I'd always drop in the Roasting Party on Pavilion Row, they do the best flat white!

Any tips for people wanting to get involved in photography?

I would say don't worry too much about the camera at the first stage, find a subject that excites you and chase that. Get out there and just keep shooting, find your style. When you have that eye for it you can start getting technical.

What are you working on currently, and where can we find your work?

I have recently released my first print collection that was shot on a surf trip to Sri Lanka in January (2020). It was a chance to do something personal for me.

Photographing moments, predominantly at sunrise or sunset, has always evoked a stillness, reflection and total freedom within me.

The beauty of this project "Patience and Play" let me capture this in its most simplistic form and also gave me something to do in lockdown! You can check it out at or my Instagram @reverblondon

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