Wave hello to our new product: Aqueous Lined Cups.

Wave hello to our new product: Aqueous Lined Cups.

Welcome to the decent family, Aqueous. 

Made from responsibly sourced paper, lined with a unique water-based barrier coating and coloured in water-based inks, these new Hot Cups are an advancement into new technology - making your morning cuppa taste that much better. 

As the name suggests, the aqueous coating used is water-based and breaks down without any specialist treatments required, making them industrially compostable - certified to European standards (EN13432).

They passed the home compostable test (including the Earthworm test) and under the correct conditions will breakdown.

These cups are also able to be recycled as they don’t need any special facilities or treatments to recycle them. Simply wash them out as you usually would any recycling and, as long as they are not badly contaminated by food/drink, you can put them in any paper or cardboard recycling bin, and they go through the exact same processes as any other recyclable card or paper. There's really not much they can't do!

The Aqueous coatings are made from water, wood pulp fibre, corn starch, talcum, latex (acrylic ester), and porcelain clay (a natural pigment mineral). All these ingredients are natural products without any PE and PLA. Now that's nice. 

In the worst-case scenario of some of these cups being carelessly discarded (please, don't!) and ending up as litter in a field or the sea, they break down at the same rate as a newspaper does. 

And if you're needing a top hat to your Aqueous Cups, look no further than our great new Paper Lids. Keeping those cups of morning Joe's warm and secure. 

A match made in heaven? We think so.

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