Get To Know Hard Lines

Get To Know Hard Lines

Hard Lines Coffee Roasters are really (really really) great at what they do. Two years on, we sat down with Matt to discuss the inspiration behind their distinctive cup designs and why they (still) love working with decent packaging.

The Hard Line cups are so distinctive - tell us what the story is behind your Hot Cup design?

Yeah the cuppy has certainly become our mascot over the years. When opening our cafe we wanted a symbol for Hard Lines, something fun that represented us. We're really lucky to have an amazing design team so we all got to work and this is what we came up with.  It's remained relatively loose over the years, switching and moulding into its surroundings. I think subconsciously I wanted it to represent the happy everyday Hard Lines customer.

What was the decision behind custom branding your coffee cups? How is this important for your brand image?

It's no secret we live in a very social age. People want to share where they are and what they are drinking so it seemed a no-brainer to try and design something that was memorable, photographable and shareable.

What type of feedback are you getting from customers on your packaging?

"We love your design!" is usually the first thing we get told when we meet people. It's a huge compliment and great that it gets recognised. It means we continue to push ourselves in everything we do.

You designed those cups with us back in October 2021, since then you have saved 1.2 tonnes of carbon and taken 415,332 pieces of plastic out of circulation. How have you found working with us as your sustainable packaging supplier?

We love working with the team at decent, the products and finish are great, contact and support are always there and knowing we are helping do our bit environmentally is really great.

Realistically, how does the process of planning, briefing, designing and manufacturing your branded products look from start to finish and how long did it take for you?

I can't remember exactly but again we've received great customer service and our design team is always super hot on these things so together it worked pretty seamlessly. I have a feeling we started this during Covid chaos so things were probably running a little longer than normal 

Any new designs in the planning..?

We're really happy with our cups for now with no plans to change. We've just issued another order and added a 12oz option. We're always looking to improve the design and material around our coffee bags so maybe this is something we'll look to do with decent in the future... (keep your eyes peeled!). 

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