We're decent packaging, we make packaging from plants. We've sprung from the antipodes – New Zealand, where over the past eight years, just like our products, we've worked from the ground up.

Back in 2013, we had a crazy idea; what if we could make packaging from plants? We started looking for alternatives to petrochemical-based disposable food packaging. At this stage, Tony (Our founder) was running the company out of his parent's garage in East Auckland, New Zealand, and delivering the orders himself, in his Suzuki Swift.

A few years later we moved the operation to a warehouse where we were able to manage larger quantities, a growing team, and the imminent launch of with small (our tree-free toilet paper brand).

In 2019 we opened our London office to supply the UK with sustainable packaging alternatives, and we also became Carbon Zero Certified through Toitu Envirocare, eliminating our carbon footprint through purchasing carbon credits to plant trees and install solar energy stations around the world. Something we worked hard to achieve, and our proudest achievement thus far.

We see ourselves as an innovative packaging company striving to revolutionise the industry by leading the way with our commitment to product stewardship, sustainably produced products, and incredible customer service. We are passionate about helping the UK’s leading coffee roasters, cafes, food trucks and businesses become the most sustainable in the world.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, providing packaging options and custom design solutions, to help them stand out in the market. After eight years in the game, we are experienced and have a proven track record around reliable supply. We happily provide expertise on everything from the best sustainable packaging options for your business, through to waste stream options available in your area.

The essential concept at the heart of decent packaging is to ensure we can unmake everything we make. We think long-term and don’t sacrifice value for short-term results.

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Kiwi Connection
We are known as Innocent Packaging in New Zealand. We’re one big team, with the same ethos and the same sustainable packaging. Feel free to check us out!


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