Hello, it's great to see you.

Hello, it's great to see you.

Who we are
We're Decent Packaging, we make packaging from plants - yep plants.

Where we’re from
Decent has sprung from the antipodes – New Zealand to be exact, where over the past five years – just like our products – we've worked from the ground up.

The name
In New Zealand our brand name is Innocent Packaging, we’re not using that in the UK due to a well know carbonated cola company having rights to similar name. But we’re fizzing about the Decent name, plus it’s the same ethos, same caffeinated team, and the same sustainable packaging made from plants. Nice!

The story
Back in 2013, we had a crazy idea: What if we could make packaging from plants? That sparked some more questions. What if we could reduce the amount of plastic ending up in our landfills and oceans? What if by using plants we could reduce the massive impacts on energy consumption, water consumption and polluting emissions that petroleum based packaging has on our environment? So we set off looking for alternatives to petrochemical based disposable food packaging, and just like our packaging we worked from the ground up. Starting with coffee cups we used paper from managed plantations and lined them with plant sugars (PLA).

We’re on a mission to turn plant waste into takeaway packaging. With our first range launching in the coming weeks. We want to provide the UK with sustainable plant-based solutions and alternatives to petrochemical-based packaging so we made the decision to open shop here.

Waste not want not. It’s simple, it’s decent.

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