New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with MAYK

New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with MAYK

Say hello to Becky, our latest Compostable Canvas collaborator. We were lucky enough to sit down with Becky to talk about her inspiration behind the latest Compostable Canvas design and more...

Becky is a freelance designer and illustrator currently working under the studio name MAYK. Becky is from Auckland and studied Fine Arts at Ilam in Christchurch. Her design career began in Wanaka where she formed her own freelance design business before relocating back to the North. Working in contract as well as full-time positions, Becky picked up various design and advertising roles for boutique studios and for some of New Zealand’s biggest agencies.

In 2016, Becky designed and illustrated a book about motherhood called “Little Gems” - which went on to win Best Illustration and Best Typography at the 2017 PANZ Book Awards. Over the course of her career, Becky has been featured on Design Assembly, and has built a client list of called some truly iconic brands clients – including Lonely Lingerie, Huffer, Mons Royale, and Britomart. Now based in West Auckland, Becky lives with her partner, Keith and their two children Olive (9) and Pedro (5). Becky loves collaborating with sustainably-minded people from across New Zealand to make beautiful things happen.

New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with MAYKHey Becky! Please tell us about yourself:

I’m Becky from MAYK and I'm a freelance creative working in branding, packaging, and illustration, amongst other things. I live in West Auckland and I'm an expert at being productive in the small windows of time when my energies are not diverted toward my two little humans.

We love the artwork you have created for our Cup of Conversation! What inspired the design?

The inspiration was a mash-up of thinking about composting and pondering life during lockdown. The artwork became a light-hearted exploration of the organic regeneration of life that leads to all things being interconnected.

What drew you to becoming an artist?

I’ve loved drawing and making things for as long as I can remember and I think this instinctively led me to where I am today. I studied Fine Arts which eventually evolved into a career as a Graphic Designer. No matter what I'm doing creatively, I'm motivated by the enjoyable process of bringing visual ideas to life and connecting to people.

New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with MAYKYou always use such amazing colour combinations in your work, how do you find colour inspiration?

You never know when some colour goodness will inspire your work so I document things when I see them, whether scrolling or strolling. I take note of colour combos from all different places sometimes from art and illustration but also fashion, interior design, film, photography, architecture, nature, the list goes on...

You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful country! What are some of your favourite places to visit around Aotearoa?

My faves are mostly coastal and remote with good surf.

What’s your go-to takeaway for a quiet night at home?

A rice bowl from Soy & Ginger in Titirangi Village

I can see you have worked with many great companies, how do you choose what companies to collaborate with?

I collaborate with clients that have similar values and I'm finding more and more it's about the connection and a chance to build great relationships. Ideally, I like to choose companies that are ethical and sustainably-minded, helping them to change the world through their work.

What artists inspire you and your work?

There is an endless amount of great and inspiring work out there and I'm influenced by a bunch of arty types from all fields. Two of my favourite New Zealand artists are John Pule and Susan Kahurangi King.

New Compostable Canvas Collaboration with MAYK

We love coffee here at decent Packing (surprise, surprise!). What are your favourite cafes around Auckland that you would recommend for a visitor?

Goes without saying, I love coffee too! My favourite locals are Sozo and Vevo. I also find myself at Besties, Daily Bread and Honey Bones on the regular. As far as mobile cafe's go — my sister, Helen from Kokako, makes the best market coffee around town.

What does sustainability mean to you?

It's clear things are out of whack but ultimately, the Earth will return to its natural rhythm. We should be doing everything we can to support the regeneration of our planet as sustainability is the only way we'll get to keep living here! I’m stoked to collaborate with companies like decent Packaging who are coming up with positive solutions.


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