Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas artists, Pickle Illustration.

Introducing our latest Compostable Canvas artists, Pickle Illustration.

Birmingham-based Pickle Illustration have a unique, characterful and engaging style, seen across several creative installations and murals around the country. And now we're lucky enough to have their designs on our cups!

We spoke to them about what inspires their illustrations, how they get into their creative flow, and the positive impact art can have on the planet.


Hey Lauren and Liv, we love the designs you have created for our recent Compostable Canvas Cup for spring! What’s inspired both of your particular styles as illustrators?

Predominantly the ways we can use colour and character within an illustration. We love to design characters but often find shapes and pattern can show just as much personality. This was our starting point for the cup designs. We based them on the shapes and vibes the season of spring create!

What gets you into your creative flows?

Having a good brainstorm with one another always gets the creativity flowing. We tend to bounce ideas off of each other whilst browsing some of our favourite creatives profiles online. If we happen to be having a solo day; music, podcasts and a frothy coffee can get us into the zone.

How do you think creativity can make a positive impact on the planet?

Creativity and illustration is a great tool for communication and telling narratives. When discussions around how we can positively impact the planet arise, illustration can definitely help to highlight and explain them in an accessible and universal way!

When you’re not creating, how do you each like to spend your time? 

Lauren loves to play badminton and Liv enjoys sewing on her sewing machine. We both love knitting, films and searching out new food places to try.

Since you’ve created these designs for our Hot Cups… what are your hot drinks of choice? 

Lauren will never say no to a classic Yorkshire tea and Liv loves a cappuccino (chocolate sprinkles, always)! 

How can people purchase your work or get in touch about any collabs?

You can find us over on instagram @pickleillustration and buy our illustrated prints on our website If you’d be interested in collaborating with us, we’d love to hear from you over email

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