Carbon Zero.

Carbon Zero.

Here at decent packaging, we're proud to be Carbon Zero Certified through Toitū Envirocare.

Toitū Envirocare is a New Zealand-based company that reviews and evaluates companies' environmental footprint through a rigorous procedure. 

Companies that pass these stringent criteria are then granted Carbon Zero certification. This is strictly reviewed yearly with companies having to share all environmental-affected activity that has occurred within the company.

We chose to partner with Toitū because as a New Zealand-born company, we’re proud to support and help fund environmental projects close to home.

So how are we actually Carbon Zero? 

There are three steps we take to become, and maintain, Carbon Zero: Measure. Reduce. Offset. 


We measure everything we can control in the journey, right from the factory to the end user. That can include shipping from the factory to the port, port-to-port shipping, port-to-local warehouse, and courier/driver to the end user. We also measure the weight of the cartons, the electricity used in our offices, the petrol in our vans, the train freight and warehouse movements, any air freight we use, the waste from our offices, the diesel in the trucks, our international (and local) air travel. 


We have emission reduction targets to act upon within a specified time frame. Currently, our biggest challenge is reducing emissions while we are growing… i.e. freight movements are complex to reduce when we are moving more products. But this gives us the opportunity to think differently about how we move products and set clear criteria to stick too. 


After all the reductions have been made, to obtain Carbon Zero Status, we then offset all remaining emissions. These are through projects such as forest regeneration sites, biodiversity and wind power for renewable electricity. 


Every business has the responsibility to do their part in helping preserve our beautiful environment and this is us doing just that. We are committed to leaving the world better than we found it and by being Carbon Zero certified, we hope to influence our partners to do the same.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the process we would be more than happy to help.

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